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Episode 171: Bonus: When You’ve Fallen Out of Love With Your Business

This week’s bonus episode addresses a very real, very raw, and very sensitive conversation that is rarely discussed in business circles, yet is so potent, it can act as a virus that quietly and painfully deteriorates the joy of its owner.

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Today, we will address this real thing. Because WHEN you get to this point, you need to know you are not alone.

You need to know you have someone here- myself and a network of real entrepreneurs who can relate to moments of feeling the same reality. The reality of falling out of love with their business.

Entrepreneurship brings about a 99.99999% guarantee that you’ll (momentarily) break. You’ll break to a point where you don’t think you can come back. You will question your why. You will question your ambition. You will question whether it’s all worth it. And I did.

And it wasn’t until I started working intimately as a coach with female business owners that I realized that many of these pain-staking hurdles I had endured at certain points in my entrepreneurial journey were not just common, but widely experienced.

If you’ve fallen out of love with your business, you may be out of love with the old model. Tune into this episode to let yourself dream up a new model of growth and put that dream into action.

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