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Episode 170: Entrepreneurial Loneliness

Struggles and challenges will become a part of everyday life for any entrepreneur. In my experience, overcoming them is where the magic is. Pushing yourself out of your comfort zone is where the growth comes from. These truths, while hard, are still a romanticized version of what leadership really looks like. Business ownership is glamorized, and we see the success stories, but we need to talk about the real truth of entrepreneurship and what happens behind the scenes.

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There is a myth about the type of struggles you will face. These struggles are not the type that every business owner will find necessary to endure to get the business off the ground. This is about the deep-down adversities that come from achieving beyond what the average person aims to achieve.

There is a loneliness that comes with the difficulty connecting with other people. Uncommon goals lead to uncommon problems. The bigger your goals are, the bigger the problems that come with them are. Most people you encounter will not be able to relate to the type and scale of problems you are trying to tackle. Leadership, especially as a woman, is very lonely.

A founder has even more responsibility than a simple business owner or entrepreneur. I know in my business, everything begins and ends with me. As a founder, you are usually cobranded with your business; you are the business. Few people can understand the mental and emotional turbulence that comes along with that when your business hits any roadblocks.

In the end, what is going to make you happier is being easier on yourself and finding peace, camaraderie, and collaboration with other women in the same boat as you. Drown out the expectations of others. Look deep inside and stay aligned with your own truth and goals, and connect with female leaders who are doing the same.

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