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Episode 169: Should I Grow Big or Stay Small

In this episode, I want to discuss a recent conversation with a prospective client who was torn between growing her business and getting big, or staying small and keeping it where it was. Entrepreneurs, especially female entrepreneurs, tend to worry that if they grow their business to its fullest, they’ll miss out on some of the great aspects of their life right now.

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This hesitancy is underpinned by a subconscious belief that growing a business can only negatively impact your quality of life, especially if you’re a mom. You may feel tethered back at the same time you feel the urge to grow. Just remember that if you go for it, you’re showing your kids what’s possible.

You may also feel stuck because you believe the only way to grow is through the methods you already know. This can especially happen if you’ve been in complete control since the business began. You’re used to pushing on the gas pedal (or the brake) when you want and are fully responsible for the pace of growth.

But when you introduce team members, you introduce so many different factors to consider outside of yourself. If you go down this path and it becomes overwhelming—which is a very real possibility—you may shift your focus to a quick fix to make things easier. But what’s truly required at this point is a transformation on the inside.

You can grow in a way that feels good, if you’re willing. If you can invest in the woman you want to become, you can lead the business of your dreams. It’s not about simply growing the business, but rather about implementing the right strategy to grow yourself.

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