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Episode 168: Rethinking the Big Picture

There is a natural ebb and flow of personal energy and the nature of that energy. This episode is less scripted and more casual, embracing the go-with-the-flow energy that often accompanies summer. These peaks and valleys apply to our personal lives and our professional lives.

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Being a female entrepreneur, I am all too familiar with the tug of war that goes on inside when you are trying to grow a business but also preserve your energy. There are times when you can feel emotionally taxed and all you want to do is conserve energy, and in those times, it’s truly important to hold space for yourself.

As women, we have a high level of emotional intelligence and intuitiveness. When you’re feeling unfulfilled and uninspired, it’s important to take moments of introspection to zoom out on your life and see the big picture. One thing I’ve been doing lately to honor my energy and the energy I surround myself with is eliminating things that don’t feel good and embracing the things that do.

Sometimes your business doesn’t evolve how you expected it to and you may want to reconstruct your role in the business. Do you like what you’re doing and the pace that you’re moving at? Are you expanding your business or adding new services? Ask yourself what gives you a sense of fulfillment. The answers to these questions are guideposts for preventing overexertion and maintaining energy as a leader and entrepreneur.

Remember, you control your ecosystem, and it’s your job to surround yourself with people who support you and to remove the energy drainers. At any stage of business or life, you can assert your own worthiness, honor your own space, and put boundaries around your energy.

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