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Episode 163: Bonus: Hiring PTSD

This bonus replay episode opens up the door to commiserate in the pain of going through the hiring process in your business; the times where it doesn’t turn out so great. The real reason so many people have trouble finding amazing people after the great resignation isn’t due to a lack of qualified candidates, and it’s not because the budget doesn’t support it.

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The real reason you are stagnant in this process may be because you’re dealing with hiring PTSD. If you’ve ever hired the utterly wrong person for the job, or you’ve ever been shocked by an employee’s behavior, you may very well know how this feels.

Once you’ve been taken advantage of in the hiring process, it can be difficult to trust yourself again—let alone trust potential new candidates. If you feel stuck in hiring PTSD right now, know you can get out of it. It all starts with clearly defining the results you expect from your employee. Define what you need from your employees, whether that’s tactical work or strategic work.

Never assume an employee is going to quit after three months. Yes, this happens, but you can’t let this previous experience dictate your expectations moving forward. Creating an environment where employees feel pressure to prove themselves won’t necessarily set them up for success.

It takes 3-5 attempts to find a forever employee. You have to practice, fail, and overcome adversity to become a skilled hiring manager. Over time, you’ll gain a greater grasp of what you do and what you don’t need. Hire slow, fire fast. Take your time bringing a new person on board, but don’t beat yourself up when it doesn’t work out.

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