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Episode 161: Bonus: Transitioning From Provider to CEO

It’s important that each episode of this podcast touches on something current and relevant for this community; things that are already being discussed and on everyone’s mind. Today, specifically, we’re focusing on what it means to be an entrepreneur. It’s not just about making money. It’s an all-in lifestyle.

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And if you want to be successful, you have to learn to balance the emotional and physical investment this growth requires. At the same time, you can’t place happiness on the other side of your success. As an entrepreneur, you are probably always moving the needle forward before you hit your next goal. Increasing your happiness in the midst of it all will actually support your business outcomes.

Business ownership is not for everybody, and it’s important to fully understand what’s involved. The results can be amazing—if you’re willing to put in the work of becoming a world-class leader. Running a sustainable and profitable business isn’t always what it looks like, especially if you’re looking to social media.

There’s a significant difference between working on your business and working in your business. What got you into entrepreneurship, like your passion and ambition, won’t get you through entrepreneurship. Roadblocks, setbacks, and unexpected adversities are going to come and may lead you to lose faith and patience.

You don’t have to build a bigger business. But as a business owner, it’s your role to build a better business. This means creating the time and space to do the things you’re most passionate about while implementing the systems and team to support it. All the success you achieve begins with you.

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