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Outcome Bundling for Aesthetic Providers: Tips From a Women’s Business Coach

Today, we’re going to discuss using outcome bundling. This is a technique you can use to retrain consumers, and reposition aesthetic treatments as what they are — luxury experiences.

I’m a women’s business coach, and more specifically, a marketing consultant for plastic surgery and aesthetic service providers. I’ve seen the industry change over the past 10 years. Not so long ago, providers were (rightly) seen as the experts. Patients didn’t have quite so much say in how their providers would choose to expertly address their concerns. 

Today, there are myriad options and so much accessibility to information. Patients are educating themselves, asking for branded products, and even negotiating on price.

You wouldn’t walk into Hermès and start haggling on the price of a Birkin bag. So why has this become normalized at aesthetic practices? Outcome bundling is a powerful way to fight this trend and retrain the aesthetic consumer.  

In this blog post, we’ll cover how to: 

  • Capture a higher spend per patient
  • Identify your most valuable buyer
  • Focus on strategic offers
  • Design and price your own proprietary bundles

Market outcomes, not procedures 

In my work as a women’s business coach, I talk to so many business owners. They have so much enthusiasm for the wonderful, luxury experience they provide to their patients. 

Their patients are being pampered like queens. They’re getting aromatherapy, the hot towel, maybe even gorgeous men feeding them grapes (just kidding). 

I’ll ask this owner how they’re marketing this incredible experience. How are they showcasing the luxurious, thoughtful nature of their services? 

They pull up their Instagram, and what’s their marketing visual? A picture of a Coolsculpting machine. 

Why do we do this? Why, as aesthetic providers, do we market the tool, process, or procedure, instead of the experience or outcome?

Building relationships by promising outcomes 

I’ll tell you why — it’s out of fear. Maybe the patient tells us they’re on a budget, and we freeze up. We want to make sure we can still capture that spend, even if their budget is unreasonable. 

We’re too focused on each single transaction, rather than the overall patient relationship. We’re not confident enough in what we have to offer, versus the Botox provider next door. It’s a toxic dynamic. How can we change it, and get out of our own way? 

The answer is to become the obvious choice. Become the only provider who can deliver the results your clients are looking for. 

That means building trust, really connecting with that patient. It means showing them we’re addressing the actual concern that they have, not just pushing the latest new branded procedure. This is a key goal of all my aesthetic practice consulting.

It means showcasing experience, and a greater level of service. Because we believe they’re worthy of that service, and they deserve the best outcome possible.

What do you think is more likely? A patient leaving because they weren’t happy with their results? Or because they were challenged to spend a little bit more to get them? 

Start thinking about long-term relationships with your patients, not just the treatments they’re coming to you for. I’ve learned how important this is firsthand in my experience offering business coaching to women.

That’s how we get patients to a higher level of service, and that’s how we increase their customer lifetime value. If you can’t get them those better results, they might end up leaving because of the outcome, not because of the price. 

Bundling for value and results

Outcome bundling is how we offer better results in a way that still feels like great value to our customers. To do this, you’ll combine proprietary treatments. Then, create a unique branding strategy that focuses on the outcomes, and the value you offer customers. 

You will offer a product, or a portfolio of products, that showcase you, not a device. This differentiates you from your competitors. Your patients will see what you’re offering as completely unique from whatever the doctor next door might have. 

This strategy also protects you from price competition. When you price in bundles, a patient can’t compare you to other practices and providers in the same way. You’re addressing value and results at the same time. With aesthetic practice consulting, you can get some clarity on how to do this.

Outcome bundling addresses so many of the objections that patients come to you with on a daily basis. Here’s a few of the most common.

  • “I’m on a budget”

Well, bundled procedures help you get the best value.

  • “I’m not ready”

Your proprietary method lends instant credibility. Showcase before and after photos of patients who have had these treatments, and experienced great results.

  • “I just want what my friend has” 

Customize your bundle to create a treatment plan and increase that lifetime value.

Building your bundles 

So, how do you create your own bundles? 

Start with outcomes in mind. Don’t think about what treatments are going to go into the bundle. Instead, think about what the outcome that patient is looking for. Then, plug in the best treatment options that will provide those outcomes. 

Now, it’s time to price. Calculate the total retail price, then select a value-add or packaged savings. Decide how much of a discount you’ll give. How much extra value will the patient get for buying your bundle?

Then we’re going to add in some perks, give it a perfect proprietary name, and market it! 

6 steps to outcome bundling

1. Start by identifying 4 to 5 outcomes your bundles will address. 

To narrow in, look at what your most valuable buyers, and what they’re looking for. It’s also okay to listen to your gut — what do you just know would sell now?

Think about the outcomes patients are coming to you for. Maybe it’s pigment and brightening, maybe it’s lifting and lightening. Maybe you have lots of patients who are all about the forehead, or eyes. 

2. Once you have the outcomes, identify the best treatment options for each. 

If the outcome is pigment and brightening, think about the ideal treatment plan to deliver that. What services and products are going to do the best job of creating that outcome for a patient? 

3. Calculate the total retail price for each procedure combined.

Say that’s four Intense Pulsed Light (IPL) treatments, a skin care system, and a brightening facial. If a patient came in for those independently, what would they pay?

4. Tally them up, and determine a value-add discount. 

Come up with a discount that makes sense with the components’ combined value. Maybe it’s a direct discount, like 20% off. Maybe it’s 20% off worth of something extra, like a skin care product. Or, try reaching out to your rep for a nice extra to include in your package. 

5. Add in a perk. 

Depending on the outcome, that could be retail products, numbing cream, or a post-laser care package. This is the perfect time to think back to that luxury experience. How can you use this bundle to tie it all together?  

6. Give it a proprietary name and go to market.

One client of ours, Dr Rylee went with ‘The Rylee Illumine Blend and Brighten.’

Growing your practice with a women’s business coach

Interested in trying outcome bundling? To get you there, I’ve put together a four-page procedure bundling guide. I’ll walk you through these steps and give you templates for creating your own bundles. 

Let’s work together! As a women’s business coach, I know just how to retrain the aesthetic consumer. We must stop showcasing the new shiny gadgets, and lining the pockets of companies. We must shift our messaging to solving our patient’s problems, and  showcase the unique experience we can provide. That’s a key goal of my plastic surgery marketing consultant services.

Download the guide for free here, and get ready to shape up and build your aesthetic bundles. Then, come back for my podcast The Fierce Factor! Every week, I share real talk and real wisdom about creating a legacy practice that will stand the test of time.

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