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Episode 149: From Sales Rep to Business Leader with Van Nguyen

Today I’m welcoming Van Nguyen to talk about her journey of going from sales rep to business leader, plus diving deep on what she’s learned along the way. Van recently stepped into a leadership role with Revision Skincare, one of the most innovative companies in the industry.

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Van has been enjoying the shift in experiences since joining the team at Revision. She loves knowing the goals of her reps and helping them grow both personally and professionally. Actually, she even loses sleep at night when she feels one of her team members might miss their numbers.

Van emphasizes hiring on character because there are some qualities that can’t be taught, like the desire to win and be successful. She can teach ingredients and technology, but the motivation to get out of bed has to come from the individual themselves.

Partnership is more important in sales than ever before. The front desk person at a med spa sees eight to twelve reps a day, so it’s important to not just stand out, but stand out in the right ways. The foundation of a good relationship is comprehension—it’s not about what you say, but how the person you’re speaking to comprehends it.

Van’s advice for being successful in the industry is to not just talk. Be all about what you’re promising. Make it clear that you’re the better partner by nurturing the relationship. Soft skills and clear communication on how you can make their life easier goes a long way.


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