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Episode 148: Growth is a Mindset with Jessica Christy

This week I’m thrilled to be kicking off a guest speaker series where, for the next several weeks, I’ll be alongside some of my favorite industry leaders. Today it’s Jessica Christy, Owner of Beauty Culture Med Spa and Training Academy in Bloomfield, Michigan. She has done some really incredible things in a very short amount of time in her business.

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Jessica worked as a physician assistant, which eventually led her to fall in love with aesthetics. She felt happiest when she was helping patients feel more confident, but hadn’t found the right practice to give her the freedom she wanted. This led to her opening Beauty Culture in July 2019, which was meant to be a small operation, but has blown up beyond her wildest dreams.

When some of Jessica’s staff left and started their own practice, she truly leaned into it instead of being angry. Based on what she has learned from this experience, Jessica reveals what she looks for when interviewing potential hires.

Even though it makes sense to her, Jessica is still surprised that her med spa’s numbers are better despite not replacing some staff members that left. She explains why having less staff which don’t align with your business’ values is actually a net positive.

We wrap up by hearing the next steps that Jessica is working on in her business. She says that the most important thing is for her to continue putting her actions where her mouth is, along with truly investing in the wonderful women on her team.

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