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Episode 146: Bonus: Success Secrets of Top Female Aesthetic Injectors

In today’s bonus episode, I am re-sharing a show I recorded and released in February 2022. This episode looks at success, its subjectivity, and the common traits those who achieve success share.

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15 years ago, I was fresh to the industry and saw leaders speaking on stage and admired them. How have they achieved their success? What makes others so attracted to them and their ideas? I would study their actions and words, and came to realize that it isn’t about what people do, it’s how they make decisions and think that separates the top 2% from the rest.

So many true leaders had this innate grit and determination that allowed them to achieve above and beyond. There’s no set success formula, but questioning the industry and learning from your surroundings plays a key role. Over the years, I have pinpointed several things that separate the thought leaders from the pack.

Firstly, they surround themselves with a small, close-knit group of trusted advisors. Making decisions in an echo chamber is ill-advised, but you need to be selective with who you trust. Secondly, they have a proprietary method that is unique and stands out in the industry.

Third of all, they don’t just learn, they teach. Teaching others only strengthens your own understanding and confidence. Fourth, these leaders think in 5-year milestones. Keeping the future in mind and planning a course of action is key to honing your focus. Finally, they invest heavily in personal development. Whether it’s time or money, you need to invest in yourself to succeed.

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