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Episode 144: Defining Success as a Female Entrepreneur

Today I want to talk about something that’s been on my mind recently. It’s important to understand what is important to you as a woman and an entrepreneur, so let’s talk about learning what you value, need, and have.

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It’s time to rewrite the rules of success. So often we are striving to meet business and life goals that we see others achieve, or that are taught to us as the ideals of success from an early age. It’s time to actually pause and think about what true success means to you. Are you just working towards retirement or do you want to work with intention, passion, and purpose?

For some, the only mode of work is “bend until you buckle.” They just work until they can’t work anymore; until they are exhausted and hate what they do. Success isn’t just about money. It’s about legacy, joy, and helping others. Everyone’s definition of success is different, so what’s yours?

It’s time to recognize how unique you are. It’s time to give up the imposter syndrome to become the person who extolls the values you hold close. Trying to go your own way can be difficult. Doubts and comparisons always creep in, but ask yourself this: why do you want legions of social media followers looking up to you if you aren’t doing what you love?

Mindset and habit changes are essential to create the life and business that you want. Success comes from within, and it needs you to be honest with yourself to reach it. Define your own success. Create your own success markers. Are you clear on what success means to you?

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