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Episode 143: Team KLC is Hiring

I have an announcement to make in this episode. Also, I want to discuss how to go about creating a hiring plan and figuring out how you will grow.

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One thing I often talk about with my clients is hiring up, which means that every person you hire will elevate your existing team. We need to think about hiring those with passion and skills that will make the business and the team better, no matter what role they are hired for.

It’s important as a leader to show up enthusiastically for the hiring process and evaluate not only the candidates, but yourself. Now, I am looking to bring in a new employee and I want to share some hiring tips for those also looking to expand their team. My motto is “always be recruiting.” If you encounter someone that would be perfect for your team but you have no positions, keep in touch with them. Once a position opens up, they could be just who you need.

Creating a job description is the most important part of looking for a new hire. For me, I always speak to the potential candidate first before explaining the position. Then, I explain the primary and secondary objectives before vision casting the ideal candidate. You need to be specific and explain who is the right fit for the role and your business.

Lay out the skills that are essential for you and your team, but also lay out who isn’t the right fit. Weed out those applicants who won’t elevate you and your team. If you don’t put your requirements out there, you can’t find the right person for you.

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