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Episode 142: The Great Reset of 2023

In our first conversation together in 2023, I want to talk about the accomplishments and adversities myself and my team have faced over the last year. In doing so, we’ll learn what to focus on in 2023.

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No matter the adversity, and no matter how insurmountable it feels at the time, nothing can match the feeling of overcoming an obstacle and making it through the other side. Struggle only serves to strengthen you and your team and bring you closer.

At the academy, we will be looking at the first 3 things to focus on to begin the next year. We will be sharing our plans out loud, talking about what habits we need to build, and holding each other accountable for these plans in the future.

So, what will 2023 hold for you as a leader as you enter the next season of growth for you and your business? Firstly, remember that growth does come in seasons. Sometimes it will be, and should be, slow going. It’s okay to need a reset. Those times can help you train, refocus your priorities, and look at the bigger picture.

Economic cycle changes will impact our industry. There’s no way that it can’t. If you and your team have a solid infrastructure, a focus on your customers, and an efficient workflow, it will be easier to weather. Recognize where your company is, focus on creating repeatable outcomes, and step off the hamster wheel of non-stop growth. You need to build sustainable, joyful growth. You need to thrive.

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