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Episode 140: Bonus: The Time Versus Money Conundrum

In today’s bonus episode, I want to discuss what you truly value as a person and business owner, along with how to obtain it. What comes first for you: time or money? We always need more time, so how can you achieve that?

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It’s taken a lot of time and work to get to where I am now, and my values have changed on the journey. Over the years I’ve started to value happiness, time, and relationships more. After spending so much of my early business years using my time to generate money, that is no longer an avenue I want to keep going down.

If you need time, you have to gift it to yourself. How can you show up for yourself in the next year? A while back, my work began to become exhausting. I love my work, but grinding myself to the bone simply wasn’t the way to continue.

I often ask my clients if they value their time or their profits the most. The answer is always “time.” If grinding all the time was the way to your perfect schedule and profits, wouldn’t you already be there? Taking the risk of investing in time is how you truly begin your journey to freedom.

Taking bold and decisive action is what you need to succeed. Yes, initially you may lose some profits, but the future benefits for your business and your personal life are immeasurable. You don’t have to be a machine to be successful.

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