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Episode 139: Understanding KPI’s, Clarifying Roles, and Producing Results

As we wrap up the year, I’ve been reflecting on my ambitions for the podcast, what I’ve accomplished with it, and how much work it takes to make. I want to share some of that journey with you in today’s episode as well as give an updated take on how to create and understand KPI’s.

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This year I have made 50 new solo episodes to help 100 women reach the next million-dollar mark in their business. I decided to leverage this podcast as the main marketing source for the business this year, and let me tell you that it is not an easy or quick thing to put together! It can take an entire workday each week just in planning.

Let’s be honest: a majority of us are just trying to understand what practical information we need to grow and profit in our industry. We hire to produce wealth for our business, and KPI’s are a way of measuring how well your employees are contributing to the success of your business.

Personally, I prefer to use KRA (key results area), as a more inclusive term. Remember that as a leader, you can’t evaluate or set outlines for others without knowing your own duties and performance. Evaluate yourself and your actions before looking at others.

KPI’s/KRA’s are a way of diagnosing the health of your business. Create the goals of your company and give individuals their own goals that will help contribute to the overarching success of the business. The KPI’s/KRA’s you set are only as good as you are. You, your business, and your people are always evolving, so your metrics need to as well.

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