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Episode 138: The Influence of Faith on the Aesthetic Consumer

For today’s episode, I want to ask you about your approach to market communication. How do you find the gaps in your marketing strategy, and how do you speak the language of your client to build trust?

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People do business with people, and if you can’t gain a client’s trust, you won’t gain their repeat business. I often speak to providers frustrated with the commoditization of our industry through social media and things like Groupon. It often seems like anyone can do what we do regardless of training or experience.

When it comes to tackling these uncertified businesses, be unapologetically yourself. Knowing who you are and what you stand for will link you with the client base you want for your business. We’re taught to fit in and go with the flow as humans, but it’s time to question that belief and ruffle feathers.

Authors Brad Benbow and Phil Daniels have tried to discern what’s missing when it comes to finding clients with their research, which they have coined Spiritugraphics. It looks at culture and blind spots and what influences consumers to buy. How can this idea help you understand different consumers and fill gaps?

Think about adding a new dimension to how you look at your consumers. How does a faith-driven consumer choose a provider? They overwhelmingly seek out brands that reflect their values and will recommend those brands, while leaving brands that don’t. When people form a community, their beliefs are shared. Think about how this can impact your business and client base.

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