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Episode 137: Stop Pouring From an Empty Cup

Let’s talk about how you show up emotionally in your business and why it matters so much. The way you prioritize yourself and your needs will does ultimately influence not just you, but also your business, your team, and your clients.

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I recently had a POP Leadership Academy client share her story of a life-changing transformation in her business after shifting her focus with clients. She went from putting all her energy toward serving clients at any cost, to investing in serving herself first.

When she joined the academy, she was running on fumes and working long hours. She felt like she was being pulled in a million different directions. One of the top lessons she’s learned in her journey towards becoming a stronger entrepreneur is to stop pouring from an empty cup.

If you identify with this—even a little bit—it’s time to make small, intentional tweaks to your daily routine that can help free you from this cycle of exhaustion and overwhelm. The reality is that it’s easy to become entangled in your own business to the point where it impacts your health. And, when you compromise your health, you compromise the health of your business.

Making an empowered decision to invest in yourself and your own health can help you show up at work with better energy. A life-first business means you can live in alignment with your core values and operate from a place of sufficiency. Fill your cup first—then you can start filling others.


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