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Episode 132: Elimination Marketing

Marketing is a BIG word. One that is widely adopted yet still often misunderstood at its core. One marketing strategy does not fit all.

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I have found through many years of practical experience that many solid marketing tactics will ultimately fail without a clear brand positioning strategy that speaks to only the most valuable consumer.

And that’s really where this idea of “elimination marketing” comes to play. This ideology becomes more and more critical as a business advances.

Many marketers will say “sell yourself”. You are your unique brand”.

And I agree with this, but only to a point.

When you are already fully booked and looking to scale, selling your natural results, trust, honesty, integrity, and authenticity- selling YOU will no longer benefit you or the business in the same way it did. These values can certainly shape the mechanics of how your business operates in relationship with its clients, but from a marketing strategy It will actually do the very opposite.

This is one of the most common barriers to scaling effectively. Because when you’re in this position, it’s extremely challenging to separate yourself from the day to day service delivery in your business and into your role as CEO. You just don’t have the time or bandwidth.

In this week’s episode I’m sharing a powerful example of how elimination marketing can help bring focus, clarity and intention to your business model and cash to your bank account.

PS- Be sure to save date for Dec 5th-7th, I will be hosting my final live training for the year and if you’re looking to take this elimination marketing concept to your business you won’t want miss it!

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