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Episode 131: Protecting Your Entrepreneurial Energetic Wellbeing

Energy has become one of my favorite resources to measure since I became a business owner. We as founders need to be energetically healthy, end of story.

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But so often, especially as women, we take on more and more responsibility- and in result more and more ownership over things that ultimately should be delegated to someone much more capable, interested, and quite frankly eager to do the tasks that just aren’t necessary that we as leaders independently tackle.

And learning how to preserve, stimulate, and ignite my own energy has been game changing- so not only can I invest the energy I have in ways that produce the most optimal output, but also learning how to build up an almost endless supply that can act as a rich and plentiful well for me to tap into when I feel my energetic health begin to fade.

And what’s fascinating is that energy for entrepreneurs literally has its own essence.

And today I want to share with you some of the same tools I share with our clients inside of the POP Leadership Academy to tap into this essence, to support their practice of investing into inner energetic assets that fuel them to scale their business with joy and ease!

2023 is around the corner, don’t head into another year waiting to get out of your hustle to grow culture- find a strategic partner who can help you harness and extract your entrepreneurial energy.

If you’d like to learn more about this and you’re interested in working with a coach and a power squad to help you become that woman, head over to www.klcconsultants.com/join and set up a no pressure call with our team to see if working together might be the right fit.

Have an amazing week goddess, enjoy!

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