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Episode 128: Find Your Power Squad

You’re in for a treat today. I am going to talk with you about the immeasurable value of surrounding yourself with the mentorship, wisdom, and support of other high growth women like yourself.

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Here’s the thing- business ownership can actually be lonely. It can feel isolating. I know when I talk with colleagues of mine they tell me that they feel misunderstood a lot of the time- and I think that’s the blessing and the curse of entrepreneurship. They’ll say things like “my family loves and supports me but they just don’t get it”. “They don’t understand why I am stressed about certain things like patient care or why I have to miss family get-togethers or why I would rather sit with a glass of wine in my bathtub than go to a big fancy party”.

We are a unique breed. I’ve just come to accept that.

But I have also learned some lessons along the way that I want to share with you related to the reason we live in such isolation.

My early experiences in business didn’t prepare me to lean into a new way of operating as a female leader- a way that celebrates collaboration and speaking up. Including others in the success journey and uplifting and rejoicing with each other.
I craves a place where I could lean into my weaknesses and sharpen my pencil in a safe and supportive environment.

And once I discovered my own power squad it became like a tailwind for me every single day.

Tune into this episode to consider the impact of finding your own power squad and to take active, inspired action to surround yourself with the mentorship, wisdom, and support of other high growth women just like you.

Xo- Kaeli

PS- If you’re ready to find your power squad, I’d like to offer that our confidence to scale business growth certification program just might be the ideal place to start.
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