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Episode 126: Architect a Life-First Business

In this week’s episode of The Fierce Factor podcast we are going to have a conversation about putting the relationship we have with our business into perspective.

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In fact, as we are curating, planning, designing our roadmap for business growth, a female-owned business requires its founder to be hyper-aware of the relationship her business has with her life.

Trust me, I know!

I find we get to point where your business growth is so interconnected to our sense of worth as a human because it’s like our baby. We become codependent on our business to validate our self worth or we use our business growth as a tangible measurement of our success in life.

And so we will pour ourselves into our business until we have nothing left in the well. I’ve been there. And I’ve developed tools to improve the experience of growth as a business owner.

That’s why in this episode I share a few tips around setting constructive boundaries to scale with clarity, confidence, and sanity.

Eliminate over functioning, over delivering, striving, stressing, hustling, and rushing by setting boundaries that allow you to architect a life-first business.


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