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Episode 125: Helping Your Partner Buy In to Your Vision

In this week’s episode of the Fierce Factor, I want to talk about the reality that part of making big moves in your business and life requires enrolling the other people who matter in your life into the process. In fact, gaining their buy-in can mean the difference between acceptance, love, support, encouragement OR stress that causes conflicts that it causes at home.

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Getting your business what it needs is going to require sophistication, persuasion, direct negotiation, communication and self-advocacy. And that starts at home.

If you can’t convince the person who believes in you the most to get behind what it is that you strongly believe will help you advance to the next level, you are going to have a very hard time slaying the dragons of business ownership.

I know this episode will urge you to look deep within and really ask yourself if you are showing up as a CEO in all the ways your business needs you to.

Have a listen and enjoy!

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