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Episode 123: Is Your Business Growth Stunting Your Advancement as a Human?

I’ve come to the conclusion that not all growth is healthy.  In fact, there is an eminent consequence of growth, a side effect, and an impact that if you are set out to grow you must be vigilantly aware of- and that’s what I want to talk with you about today….

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How your business growth taking center stage could be the very thing that is holding you back from transforming into the woman you so deeply desire to become.

I recently sat down with my journal to explore this idea after a conversation during a discovery call with an injector in our industry who called me in a state of chaos. I go on to discuss this conversation with “Susie” who essentially had grown very organically.  All she ever wanted was to have her own business- something to call hers, to become her creative outlet.  She wanted to own the incredible upside of having her own patients that came to her just for her (not her boss or a business with someone’s else’s name on the door).  She sought out flexibility to travel, to take long lunches some days, to play pickleball, to run calmly through her day and control the patient flow.

Yet she found herself three years later with a fully booked schedule, clients texting and calling for appointments around the clock, team coming and going, and a new level of responsibility that she never imagined.  In the past three years she had invested in two $100k plus devices, three team members, an aesthetic upgrade to her office, she had a big overhead and needed to cover that.

She was working 9-5 with no lunch break and barreling into her house at night ready to crash.

Tune in to learn more about Susie’s OG plan, how she got off track, and the exercise I took her through to get back on track and recalibrate her focus on growth and what it means to her.

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