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Episode 122: Unsubscribe From Bad Behavior in Your Business

Welcome to episode 122!

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Today we are going to talk about the reason so many of us just “tolerate” bad behavior from our employees and why it’s time to change that asap.

I share the top three reasons why I believe we put up behavioral issues in our business:

  1. Building and managing a team is not your expertise or ultimately what you set out to do. You are a provider and your expertise is healing people and caring for patients!
  2. We tell ourselves that we are just too busy that we can’t afford to let that employee go because we will be the ones to have to pick up the slack or we will lose revenue temporarily.
  3. We do not have a process in place for hiring. We tend to hire with the wrong things in mind.out doing them.

Tune in for my tips on what to do instead!

Learn from your mistakes, grow, get stronger, move on.  Don’t hang onto a bad mistake because you spent a lot of time and money making it.   If you’re dealing with bad behavior in your business it’s time to unsubscribe.

Now go boss up. Enjoy! -KL

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