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Episode 120: Bonus: Supercharge Your Relationship Selling in 5 Minutes

This week I have a very popular re-release of a previous episode that I think is so valuable for those of you who love your clients but either you or someone on your team has an aversion to selling.

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At a time where costs of doing business are growing, your businesses’ ability to keep profit margins juicy and also serve patients at the highest level is critical.  In fact, back in episode 98 I shared best practices for raising your prices. If you haven’t raised your prices in the past 6-9 months, be sure to jump over to that episode after this one.  The goal of that episode was to really help you get comfortable with the process of increasing your prices routinely.  I talk about:

  1. Why we believe in and teach high ticket brand positioning in our academy
  2. How to know it’s time to raise your prices
  3. Best practices for implementing a price increase without disrupting the client experience

And remember we are looking for the most discerning buyer who is willing to invest hard in their experience and results… and pricing is one powerful way to own a high margin market position.  But if you’re busy apologizing for the cost of the services you offer, you’ll never earn the confidence of that dream client.

That’s what this episode is all about.

PS- I wanted to make sure you know that the application window is now open for Confidence to Scale, our 6 week business growth certification program where we are helping fully booked aesthetic providers develop clarity and confidence around their ability to scale their business through valuable assets like a proprietary method and profit producing team members.

In this program we really aim to help you understand what becoming the CEO of your business and life really requires of you.  And help you understand what kind of rewards await as you cross the bridge to entrepreneurial freedom- IF you put in the work to practice and develop the skills of becoming a world class leader.  And what that is going to require of you is becoming the woman who is prepared to advance to the next level, to play a different role in your business.  Less overworked provider and more bossed up CEO.

You can learn more about the program and application process at www.klcconsultants.com/scale

Ok leader, I hope you enjoy this episode as we supercharge your relationship with selling with this 5 minute hack.  Enjoy!

Xo- Kaeli

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