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Episode 114: Bonus: Why Leaders Ignore National Averages

This week’s bonus session demonstrates a bit of a core philosophy over here at KLC: “Disrupt the status quo”.

As we are on a mission to help 100 inspiring and intentional women cross the next million dollar milestone in their business this year, we are supremely intentional about who we link arms with.

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Meaning, if someone comes to us and is asking questions about how to simply stay afloat they are likely not going to be the right fit for our community.

Never am I asked to help someone become average. But if I had a dollar for everytime I’m asked ‘what most people do’ I’d be filthy rich!

I commonly hear questions like:

– What do most practices similar to mine produce in revenue?
– What is the average comp plan or pay scale for a specific employee?
– What kind of membership program works for most practice?
– Where should my business be?
– What is the national average for xyz?

In this episode I share answers to these common questions with you here and unpack the conversation around comparison and how it can impede your ability to differentiate your practice to stand out from the competition. And in some cases result in chasing the wrong metrics that are not linked to defining your own success.

It’s all about a mindset. It’s about an ability to see a vision and a willingness to make sacrifices and stay focused and disciplined to achieve that goal.

So often we get sidetracked by what others are doing or begin to measure our value or our achievements by what is going on around us. We get tempted to compare ourselves to the “average”. But I can tell you right now that the women who come through our programming are not looking to be average. There’s nothing average about them at all in fact. I am inspired this week to really revisit a past episode I recorded back in January of 2021 because the core message is still so relevant even today even as we are experiencing 40 year inflation highs and tip toeing into an economic recession in the US.

The bottom line is, success will be more attainable for the women who double down now on themselves. Now is not the time to pull back but to instead invest in getting really strategic about the process of growth. And when we ask questions like “what’s the average” we are subconsciously benchmarking our success by someone else’s.

Because you are a Fierce Factor listener, I know that you aren’t just looking to be another “me too” business but instead you are mission driven, you are committed to making an impact, and you are determined to do it your own damn way. So as a little bonus for you today, I am resharing episode 41: Why Leaders Ignore National Averages.

And my final update before we dive in, we are kicking off our next 6 week business accelerator course this week so hurry up and jump in if you want to master the skills to catapult your business in 2022.

You can learn more and apply at www.klcconsultants.com/scale.

Tune in and get inspired to create success on your own terms.


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