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Episode 112: Hiring PTSD

It’s time for us to talk about the REAL reason many of us are having trouble finding great people after the so-called “great resignation”. In some cases, it’s not because of the sudden lack of qualified candidates, our limited budget to hire world class team members, or our ability to lead. Instead, many of us are stagnant in our hiring because we have become plagued with what I lovingly refer to as “Hiring PTSD”.

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I am witness to daily experiences with clients who have suffered severe and often repeated trauma with hiring. The experience of hiring the wrong people again and again, of feeling completely shocked by an employee, or the feeling of being taken advantage of has impeded their ability to trust themselves in the hiring process and in result start out of that gate with judgment toward candidates who are applying for positions in their company.

No one is immune to the challenges of finding exceptional talent, building alongside them, and growing with them over a period of years and years.  But like anything worthwhile in life, it takes perseverance and commitment to achieving a breakthrough result.

In this week’s Fierce Factor podcast episode I share six ideas to plant in your head to help you overcome your own hiring PTSD.

Tune in to get your head right around hiring your next team member even if you’ve been burned in the past!

Enjoy! Xo- Kaeli

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