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Episode 106: How to Know When It’s Time to Hire

In this week’s episode we have a vital conversation for anyone in any industry who is desiring to expand their output in their business in any capacity.  Meaning, you may be a solopreneur who is wondering “where do I go from here”, do I continue as is, do I scale up, or do I sell? Or you may be fully staffed in your current model but preparing for your expansion or exit and thinking about who you need to help you tackle that next move.

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I have conversations weekly with business owners who ask themselves this question.  Is now the right time to hire? How do I know?

And while the answer to that question will vary depending upon the person asking it, the process for developing your strategy for hiring (or something we like to call your people plan) will be very similar across the board.  Because building a people plan requires a five part framework that is focused less on the actual hiring of the people and more on your vision clarity for cultivating a brand where the people you bring into your organization are building the business for you. Meaning each employee essentially pays for themselves and the next employee after them.

We aren’t going to whip out the fancy business calculator YET but instead will have a higher level conversation to break this framework into a series of five questions you can ask yourself in your journal to get you closer to unraveling the answer “is it time to hire someone”?

Don’t forget to head over to klcconsultants.com/quiz to get some clarity around what stage of business you are in and if it’s time for you to start this hiring process for your next rockstar.

Hope you enjoy this episode and uncover some strategies to help you learn when is the right time to hire.

Xo, Kaeli

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