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Episode 99: Loving Yourself as a Leader

I have read countless books on leadership, listened to thousands of podcasts,  buried myself in an expensive curriculum around leading, inspiring, and mentoring others. But if there’s one thing I’ve learned as I’ve built my own 7 figure business and by doing deep inner work with hundreds of high growth women per year, it’s that the vast majority of gaps in business and team leadership aren’t a byproduct of a lack of Emotional intelligence (or tactical knowledge for that matter). In fact, leadership is not algorithmic.  It’s subjective.

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The intangible nature of leadership can be a double edged sword for many women because the practice of leadership often reveals hidden insecurities in how to trust your own ability to inspire and move others, and how to accept and own your flaws and unique nuances that make you, you.  Today I want to talk with you about how to love yourself as a leader.

In this episode we discuss why It’s time to shift the narrative around who we “should” be in our business as founders and leaders. Instead, today we are going to talk about loving the woman you are and honoring that as a leader in your business and life.  Enacting leadership that honors your authentic self is THE ultimate gift to those who choose to follow you. Others will know they are stepping in line with a leader who is self aware but also gracious with herself and can therefore accept and honor others for their humanness .

Tune in to learn to accept and truly love the dynamic and naturally flawed woman you are, and to take a deep breath and release the need to be perfect. Enjoy!

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