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Episode 100: How to Choose a Business Coach

I want to talk with you today about a very profound part of my life and something I believe every business owner needs without question! That’s the investment in working with a coach.

At some point the questions you ask yourself about your business became less tactical like setting up the basics or attracting clients, but instead move into more high level concerns about the stages of growth, differentiating yourself in the marketplace, protecting assets, cash reserves, building a team, and planning for the future. You may start to hear a subtle voice saying it’s time to push to a new level that you haven’t yet accessed.

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That’s when you know it’s time for a business coach.

So today I have a special gift for you- I want to help you navigate this process, learn from my experience and the discernment process we work through with our clients, and also to help you glean insights from a business leadership coach on what kinds of questions you might consider asking yourself when you get to the point of being ready to make the incredible investment in coaching. In this episode we will explore:

  1. Why should you work with a coach or advisor?
  2. The difference between coaching and consulting
  3. How do you decide which coach or coaching program is right for you?
  4. What kinds of questions to ask during the evaluation process
  5. How to measure your success with a coach


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