Episode 86: The Jewel Business Philosophy

Times have changed, ladies and it’s all about a new model for growth that protects your cash flow, free time, and sanity.  In today’s episode I am sharing a recent interview I had on the Power Presence Position Podcast with the brilliant architect of the Jewel business model, women’s leadership expert Eleanor Beaton.

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I sought out Eleanor when I was looking for guidance on scaling my own business in a way that allowed space for me to be excellent at all the roles in my life, in particular the role of being an interactive, engaged, and present mother to my two incredible boys Cooper and Luke who are now 9 and 13 years old.  I have realized that as they have grown, while they are certainly much more independent, the needs they have require a lot more of my attention than when they were younger and I could piddle around on no sleep and whip up a kid meal or throw on some TV.  Now their needs require me to access math skills that I’m not sure I ever had in the first place, deep listening, and helping them manage their emotions and perceptions of the world around them.

At the end of the day it’s not really simply about growth, but it’s about how you grow- and you’ll hear some of the real challenges I faced as I began to push toward the million in my business and ultimately maxed out on what I personally was able to deliver.

We talk about transitioning from “hunter” mentality to “farmer”, building systems and infrastructure that supports cultivating relationships and building value every day internally in our business and I share some vulnerable insights about how I realized micromanaging for me became a habit that was ultimately a symptom of my lack of organization and structure.

Finally, we talk about a critical mindset shift that I had to make to bring our company to the place it is today.

Tune in to get some real life perspective into the powerful work we are doing at KLC and why we have designed a preeminent leadership ecosystem for women in aesthetics and wellness.

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