Episode 83: Reflections: The Internal Shift to Becoming Competition-less

Today I wanted to share some insights behind our recent release of a new program Confidence to Scale as a case study for how to design a program or launch a proprietary service to serve a population of underserved, under-researched, and under-recognized consumers.  I’ll discuss how a year of strategic planning has been the catalyst for growth that has positioned us as competition-less in our market.

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My goal is that you too can make this mindset shift around building team, launching new services, programs, or offers and begin to separate yourself further and further from the sea of competition and “me-too” providers out there.

Tune in to explore a decision filter that will help you plan, prepare, and anticipate how new initiatives will impact your business. You’ll understand the magic behind slowing down to methodically plan is the clarity and confidence this will give you before you make big investments or moves in your business.

Focusing internally will allow you to become obsessed with adding value for your clients and create a more peaceful, calm, and calculated process of implementation. This is how you will fall back in love with your business and this is how you will become peerless in your market.

PS. Are you planning big moves in your business next year? My team is quietly, strategically, and meticulously preparing some incredible business development and mindset growth programs, courses, and private coaching sessions for you and also for teams… and we would love the chance to link arms with you as you prepare for your own next phase of growth.  You can learn more about our CTS framework at klcconsultants.com/scale.

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