Episode 81: Team Building During the Hiring Pandemic

Join me for today’s episode as part 3 of a series of episodes related to the business trauma happening in the area of staffing aesthetic practices.

Have you ever had this thought?  “My business would be successful if I didn’t have humans working in it?”

If your answer is a resounding YES you’re in good company.

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Today I want to empower you with tools to reinvent the way you are approaching team building to optimize your practice today in a dynamic hiring climate:  In this episode we will:

  • Assess the business to create a strategic blueprint to establish a hiring plan versus simply adding headcount to “fill gaps”
  • Take a tour into the COVID brain to reimagine win-win scenarios for acquiring top talent
  • Discuss strategies for interviewing and onboarding “A” Players

Tune in to learn more about a three step process that has helped me and dozens of our clients find incredible humans to join and elevate their team THIS Year!

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