Episode 78: My Growth Philosophy

Long gone are the days where dad business deals over aged Scotch with the guys while mom cooks, cleans, and bathes the children.  The world just doesn’t function like that anymore.

For female founders and CEOs this means we need to design our role in our business differently.  More strategically.  More methodically.

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Tune into this episode to hear what that journey has been for me and insights into my growth philosophy- one we not only coach by but we also grow our business by.

We are on a mission to help 100 inspiring and intentional women in aesthetics and wellness cross the next million dollar milestone in their business this year.

And in order to do this, we have made, at times, difficult, decisions to grow in a way that will create a more sustainable future for myself, my team, and my business.

And that all centers around 4 core growth philosophies.  This is really all about “How we think” and therefore operate.

Leader, It’s time to re-write the rules for female CEOs in aesthetics.

Because you can have it all

But I believe that starts by accessing your most empowered self and realizing what you are actually capable of.  Do you even know what you are capable of?  Seriously? Can you imagine?  What if you couldn’t fail? What would you attempt?

It’s about Owning your power.  Saying enough is enough and making that one empowered decision that will knock down the remainder of the dominos standing between you and your most fulfilling and enriched life.  A life that is filled with joy and freedom.  Freedom to travel, freedom to invest in high quality, luxurious experiences, and the freedom to be the mom- the wife- the friend- or the powerhouse business woman you were meant to be.

You don’t have to fall into the mechanics trap of shiny new tactics, latest and greatest, or business speak that makes no sense to your pleasure and satisfaction in your business.  Focus on the things that matter.  Invest in becoming THAT woman.  and not letting anything get in your way.

You are an ambitious, highly skilled provider who has essentially begun to build an empire with nothing but your bare hands, some selective tools, your unique approach, and a passion to succeed.

You are booked solid, growing an organic following and your clients… well, they come to you for you.

You’re charging prices in line with your worth, you are well marketed (of course there’s always room for growth), but you’ve got the essentials locked down, and its working.

And if you’re anything like me, you sincerely appreciate the cookie cutter, white wash, templated advice you’re hearing from so-called experts- but you’re craving a more sophisticated conversation. You aren’t looking to survive, you’re looking to build a preeminent brand that stands as a category of one.

Introducing the CONFIDENCE TO SCALE Framework.

I’ve created this framework to function as a new ideology for you that will allow you to gain the unshakable confidence to set out on a growth path that is in alignment with your core values, and steadily grows your cash reserves, profits, and legacy- without grinding down your energy and freedom in the process.

It’s comprised of 6 buildable milestones that will give you the playful, unshakable resilience to weather adversity, and scale your business with intention.

At one point I had to ask myself, Kaeli- is your business nourishing you?  Or are you nourishing your business?  Who is feeding who?

And it is at this inflection point that a powerful decision needs to be made- stay where you are or do things differently.  Become the change and create a new model for growth that is driven by assets instead of your hard work.  if this is you, if you are ready to take that leap, you are ready to unleash.  Leader, this is your place.  This is your time. And I am your guide.  Confidence to Scale is for you.

Head to www.klcconsultants.com/scale to learn more and fill out a very brief application that will ask a few questions to ensure that this program is going to be the right fit for you and be the kind of resource that will create the kind of results we expect for our clients.

PS- this is available at an introductory rate of under $400 and this price will double next month.  So don’t wait.  Jump into this program and create the business you were meant to lead.

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