Episode 76: Outcome Bundling: Retrain the Aesthetic Consumer

Episode 76… this is an important one! We are going to discuss using outcome bundling to really retrain the consumer and fight this trend toward commoditization of aesthetic treatments.

Our goal for today is to retrain the aesthetic consumer through outcome bundling.  By doing this we’re going to talk about how to capture a higher spend per patient, identify your most valuable buyer to focus on strategic offers and design and price your own proprietary bundles.

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I put together a four-page procedure bundling guide for you that is going to walk you through the steps I share in this episode and give you templates for creating your own bundles. You guys can get that for free at the website here klcconsultants.com/bundle and it will give you an Excel file to go in and really Shape Up and build your own proprietary bundles.

And PS. If you are a loyal listener, please do me a favor and share this episode with your followers on IG.  This is a free resource that my team and I create every week with the sole purpose of helping aesthetic leaders create iconic influence in their markets and I would so appreciate you sharing this message with someone else!

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