Episode 73: Does Your Hiring Process Need a Makeover?

Today I think it’s important for us to address a very timely issue related to hiring team.

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There is currently a business trauma happening in the field of staffing aesthetic practices, a colleague told me she is getting job applicants with literally NO experience!

This phenomenon is sweeping over great practices across the nation.

Essentially, the pandemic and the nuances related to employment of essential team members has left many business owners in a tough spot.

The supply and demand for minimum and medium wage workers is completely out of whack.

Many businesses are not only opened back up in full capacity but also really looking to make up for lost time, income, and vitality lost during the pandemic.  Businesses are hiring, there is a booming demand for incredible jobs available, but it seems as if the people to supply those positions are in rare availability.

Many folks who have been home for a year or more are really starting to think about what it means to go back to work.  What that essentially means is their core motivations may have shifted significantly.  Not to mention minimum wage workers are demanding higher pay to align with supplemental stimulus income over the past year plus.

So here lies a real dilemma for business owners- do I reactively pay MORE for a minimum or medium wage employee or do I re-evaluate my business model and pivot my strategy to ride it out this hiring trauma period?

Tune into this quick 9 minute episode to hear my thoughts on why your hiring process might be in need of a makeover!

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