Episode 71: Category of One Clarity, Part 1

This week I am sharing with you pieces from a recent guest interview I did with Dr Tiphany Hall, Chief Growth Officer at Aesthetic Record on her podcast For the Record.

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I thought it would be valuable to share this interview as a two part episode to really unpack a bit about our philosophy over here at KLC.  Give a little insight into my industry perspective, and  some background around my story.

I really had a fun time chatting with Tiphany and sharing what it was like to transition from corporate America to consulting to the powerful coaching programs I have the honor of leading with some of the industry’s most ambitious, brilliant, and successful business owners and practice managers… it was pretty awesome to take a minute to remember back to some of the challenges I faced along the way and the catalyst for igniting my passion to step into a category of one in my market and to be THE PARTNER and guide for other dynamic thinkers who are on a mission to disrupt the status quo

In this week’s episode Part 1, really listen in for the following key points that you may relate to:

  1. How it is possible to achieve a business that is built on infrastructure that provides Pleasure & Happiness
  2. Frustrations that you may have with the way certain “Models” have been constructed
  3. How to lean into your brand promise to differentiate your message in a saturated market


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