Episode 70: The Waitlist Sweet Spot

This episode tends to be a very spicy topic- when I say spicy, I mean slightly controversial because there are a lot of differing opinions about strategies for growing demand for business, one of them being a very familiar aspect of booking clients: The Waitlist.

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I was inspired by several recent conversations around the nuances of waitlisting over the past few months; essentially, providers with no waitlist feel under-booked and like they must be leaving money on the table because they don’t have pent-up demand for their services.

Yet on the other hand, practices who have long waitlists feel like they could be risking patient bookings or increasing chances for cancelations if consumers become fed up with waiting and opt to go get treated elsewhere.  So today I want to talk about the aesthetic waitlist- and how along this agenda there really is a thin line between genius and insanity- a line I call the SWEET SPOT.

In today’s episode I share my opinion of when a waitlist is bust, three occasions where a waitlist is an effective strategy, we explore 5 tips for HOW to powerfully implement a waitlist in your business.

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We will really be taking a deep dive into this powerful inflection point and building a step by step process for getting focused on your best work and putting the systems in place to build scalability in your business- meaning teach you how to make more money without exerting more of your time or precious energy.  Instead, focus that time on pleasure.

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