Episode 63: End Your Pursuit for Abundance and Discover Mind-Blowing Wealth

You may be thinking to yourself “why in the world should I end my pursuit for abundance?  Isn’t having a goal important?  Doesn’t striving for more help me achieve more?  Isn’t ambition a GOOD thing?

The answer to all these questions is YES.  Of course it’s important to desire to become Better.  It’s this core desire that often fuels our ingenuity and inspires us to fix what’s broken and make a massive impact in the world.


I’ve found that the core motivation for most aesthetic & wellness founders is not solely to make MORE ie. a profit (although this is critical, don’t get me wrong).  But there’s so much more that drives us- fulfillment in deep human connection, the ability to make an impact at scale, and the desire to leave a legacy.

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So today I am sharing with you some powerful insights that have helped our clients move from a transactional relationship with their business to unleash and catapult their success in a way that creates a deeply satisfying, lucrative, freedom-based lifestyle.

Part 1: Discuss our million dollar confidence- how this affects the the relationship we have with our business, and something I call the co-dependency trap

Part 2: I’ll share my philosophy behind the pursuit for abundance and how living in a place of sufficiency is drawbridge to sustainable success in our business

Finally, Part 3: Things you can do to TODAY to begin believing hard in your own worthiness to catapult your business and life to unimaginable heights

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