Episode 41: Why Leaders Ignore National Averages

I have been racking my brain to remember a time when someone called me and asked me to help them become average.

But if I had a dollar for everytime I’m asked “What do most people do”? I’d be a gajillionaire.

I am routinely asked by clients where their business “should” be?

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If you haven’t listened to episode 11, you may want to cruise back and listen to “The cure for comparisonitis” where I address techniques to pull you through this vicious trap of comparison.

But don’t beat yourself up.  I have these conversations on a regular basis.  And by the way I’ve to coach myself through similar feelings, and that’s one reason why I feel qualified to share this perspective with you today.

I commonly hear questions like:

What do most practices similar to mine produce in revenue?  What is the average comp plan or pay scale for a specific employee?  What kind of membership program works for most practice?  Where should my business be?  What is the national average for xyz?

In this episode I share answers to these common questions with you here and unpack the conversation around comparison and how it can impede your ability to differentiate your practice to stand out from the competition.  And in some cases result in chasing the wrong metrics that are not linked to defining your own success.

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