Episode 36: 2020 in Rearview

In this final episode of 2020 I reflect back on the biggest lessons learned in our business and also share a little bit of what I went through personally this year and how I am going to take these new lessons (and set new strategies) in 2021.

When I started this year I had 3 big goals and while I’m proud to say that I did tackle all of these goals and I am gratified by these accomplishments, looking back I realize my biggest achievements were actually intangible. My biggest accomplishment was WHO I became as a bi-product of setting out to accomplish the bigger goals.

I hope you take a moment to reflect on your year, the goals you had and the accomplishments you are most proud of and I hope that my reflections help you look at your own accomplishments from a different perspective.

Tune in to hear my top 5 takeaways from 2020!

If you’ve been a loyal listener this year, I’d love to connect with you personally.  Please send me a DM on Instagram and let me know or screenshot this episode and share.  Let me know, what’s your biggest takeaway from 2020?

Finally, Happy New Year Fierce Factor & See you for a truly epic 2021!

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