Episode 35: Bacon & Breakthroughs… Creating a New Focus for 2021

We tend to underestimate the power our mind has on our business strategy.

This week I had an “aha” moment as I was cooking bacon and I realized that the relationship we have with our business and the day to day activities we subscribe to are a collection of habits we create based on stories we tell ourselves.  In my case cooking bacon it was feeling “stressed” while not being in a stressful situation whatsoever.

Similarly, we tend to repeat bad decisions in our business because we have conditioned ourselves to live in a loop of decision making to address these stories we are telling ourselves, then facing the same results we had on repeat: IE. Boomerang Impact.

In this episode I share my thoughts on how our decision making could be the root of bad mistakes that are keeping us stuck in our business as we cling to solutions that inadvertently squeeze our profit margins and time until we feel suffocated enough to cling to any solution we can grasp in close reach.

Tune in to hear my framework for making empowered decisions that release you from the boomerang impact in your business and create new realities for your systems, strategies, and people plan.

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