Episode 34: When a Financial Goal Becomes Destructive for Your Business

I’d like to discuss with you how a tunnel-vision focus on a financial goal can actually stall or even become destructive for your business by keeping your vision too short-sighted or “reactive”.

There are essentially two ways to protect your money- spend less or make more.  And when we have a lack of clarity or certainty, we tend to revert to what is safe and comfortable.  But here’s the problem with that.

Focusing only on the numbers is “Transactional”

Transactions don’t grow a business.

Unrelenting commitment to consistent activities that drive the mission, the purpose of the business forward is what creates sustainable long term success.

When you have a vision that is bigger than “hitting a number”, your financial goals are simply a tool or a bi-product of your company being everything its intending to be and to serve with passion and purpose.

This is how you develop an Anchor point for everyone in your company and build a lasting legacy.

Remember we never had a guarantee, not in 2020, not ever.  The only thing we can control is our commitment to delivering excellence and trust in the process.  If you are simply focused on that financial goal, be careful not to make reactive decisions around protecting that number that may compromise the purpose you have in this world, the vision you have for your company, and the personal brand that you have built through your hard work, experience, and expertise.

Perhaps you feel like the language of “growth” feels unnatural, foreign, or unattainable for you.

Maybe the idea of taking a risk on yourself right now is making your heart pound uncontrollably.

But the reality is, we are entering a new era in aesthetics and the days of passive leads knocking on your door are long gone.

If you want to get a different result in your business than you had in 2020, it’s going to take an empowered decision to take a new set of actions focused on long term, sustainable, iconic growth

If you are ready to tip that last domino that will knock down the remainder of the dominos, if you’re ready to have a guide and accountability to implement the systems, strategy and people plan that will take your business to its next level, you can go apply for our 2021 class of the POP Aesthetic Leadership Academy at www.klcconsultants.com/pla-info to learn more and submit an application.

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