Episode 30: Finding My Voice

For those of you who are traditional long time listeners of the podcast, you may remember back 15 episodes I made the decision to record a “Reflections” episode every 15 podcasts.  I thought of how impactful it would be to review the last 15 episodes and give a theme to what the past 15 weeks meant for us.

I go back to my college days with an experience I had in relation to being my authentic self.  I’ve developed confidence and stayed true to myself even when it may not be the easy or comfortable route to take.  Part of the work I’ve done that has allowed this confidence to emerge is through Finding My own Voice.

In part, it’s taken 30 hours of podcasting in addition to countless conversations, teachings, videos and writing to untangle the thoughts that have been so scrambled in my head.  While I’m still working through this philosophy and how to clearly articulate it, I realize that the past 15 episodes have really helped me accept the fact that I’m different.  I have a different perspective.

But I also realized this.  I’m not actually alone.

That being said, enjoy this reflective Fierce Factor episode #30: Finding My Voice

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