Episode 25: Unapologetic Ambition

It’s time for you to stand for something. It’s time for you to stop “thinking” about what’s wrong out there and step up and lead unapologetically. In this episode of the Fierce Factor I’d like to share a story about a client who had to overcome her own impostor syndrome to step out with a differentiated message that would set her apart in a sea of sameness in her industry.

She went from being worried about “rocking the boat” to becoming a respected thought leader in her space. By shifting her perspective as a CEO she has blossomed as leader in her business and her peer groups. She has brought insight and ingenuity that has elevated conversations and she is doing deeply satisfying, iconic work.

Listen to this episode and if you too are ready to unleash yourself and are looking for that right partner to guide you in the right direction to achieve pre-eminence in your field, I’d love the opportunity to help you answer your ambition unapologetically. If you’re ready to separate from the pack once and for all, book a no pressure call with me through the link in the show notes to share more about your incredible story and how we can amplify your message in the market.

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