Episode 22: Think Bigger

While it may feel like we are easing back into the “new normal”, historical trends tell us that we are about to experience an eminent economic aftershock…

So here’s the million dollar question that we are working through with our clients.
What can I do right now that will catapult my business? ENGAGE the idea of 10x vision. Even if you never get there, you will change your thinking which will in turn change your results.

I want to share with you the anchor strategy to change your reference point of wounded or disrupted thinking to that of taking initiative or proactively disrupting during a time of opportunity…. Join me for this foundational episode: Think Bigger.

You have big goals but you’re not sure how to prioritize them. You might be making investments and you aren’t quite fully confident if they are producing a return for you, be it marketing, systems, or even team. You’re not alone and in fact I have worked with hundreds of business owners in your shoes. You’re looking to build a deeply satisfying, lucrative, freedom-based business that will stand the test of time.

Join me on October 1st for an elevated conversation about the future of 2020 and the reality of what it’s going to take to position yourself to level-up your business and disrupt your market to unlock more cash, influence, and autonomy in any economy.

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