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Reinvent your strategy, systems, and team to rebound into a freedom-based business that will thrive in any economy


The Aesthetic Practice Reinvention Bootcamp

June 22th to June 26th

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    • Rebound with SPEED through reinvention of your go-to-market strategy
    • Position yourself to build unbreakable patient loyalty during unpredictable economic times
    • Unleash a high performing profit-warrior team
    • Elevate your brand by designing a patient care experience that will sell high-ticket procedures in any market


    Get ready to set your business up for exponential growth. I will be discussing my 4 pillars for rebounding and reinventing your strategy, brand, and team to build a strategic plan that can launch you into a freedom based business that will withstand any economy.

    I'm Kaeli Lindholm, founder of KLC Consulting & POP Aesthetic Leadership Academy.
    It's my mission to transform your aesthetic medical practice into an influential, purpose driven, sustainable business while making 6 & 7 figure leaps in any economy without compromising your quality of life


    Aesthetic Business Leadership Strategist & Transformational Culture Curator

    About Kaeli

    I am Kaeli Lindholm, a business strategist, transformational brand experience coach and founder of KLC Consulting- a boutique consulting company helping MDs, owners and aesthetic consultants sharpen their entrepreneurial skills. We bring Fortune 500 corporate strategies to aesthetic businesses through transformational brand experience systems and help physicians optimize their operations to grow profitable, sustainable businesses that stand out!

    I spent a decade in sales & management roles in the medical and aesthetic device industry before serving as a managing partner of a multi-disciplinary aesthetic institute, tasked with launching a nonsurgical medical spa and onboarding providers and creating & marketing an elite wellness division. I offer a fresh “modernized” perspective on implementing processes and engaging proven tactics to increase efficiency while building a culture that fosters the "It" factor.


    What My Clients Are Saying

    “There is no monetary value to the amazing work and commitment Kaeli and her staff perform for us. I couldn’t have reached my goals without her”

    -Rene Amaya MD.

    “There is nothing that Kaeli won’t do. From marketing to protocol design, to patient interaction to staff education and management. I would say she more than helped me through the process of building my business. She was both part guide and an exceptional partner”

    -Todd Newman MD.

    “As a business owner and entrepreneur for almost 20 years, every so often I have the privilege of meeting and working alongside other like-minded individuals. Kaeli is a creative and visionary person with an ability to lead and direct, yet with a calm confidence that inspires trust in her leadership abilities. It takes an organized and confident, yet kind and humble person, to effectively delegate and manage others while fostering a team spirit. Kaeli has a way of making others want to follow her work ethic examples and brings out the best in those that she works with. As a consultant or business development specialist, I would highly recommend Kaeli as someone who can see the mission and fast-track a new, growing or undermanaged business to success!”

    -Debbie Miller, CPCP