Episode 66: Fierce Women in Aesthetics: Lori Robertson NP

This week I am sharing a very special Fierce Factor Encore episode. I’ve pulled out a few of my very favorite interviews with Fierce Women in Aesthetics who create, inspire, and disrupt the status quo.

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Last year I had the opportunity to interview a leading expert in clinical aesthetics, Nurse Practitioner extraordinaire, Lori Robertson. She is a decorated podium speaker, owner of Skin Perfect Medical Aesthetics and Co-founder of The Aesthetic Immersion. In this episode we discussed her varied career, safety, ethics and advice for nurse practitioners.

Lori begins by taking us through her exciting career path. She was an ICU nurse before moving on to mountain rescue for 3 years. Lori then worked as a medical consultant on General Hospital for over 19 years. Creative license often overtook facts in storylines; however, she is proud of tackling serious issues.

Having ‘buddy Botox’ with a friend caused Lori to become interested in this field. She loved the atmosphere and wanted to learn more about the profession. She went back to the doctor she had seen, Dr. Kwok, and he hired her on practice and paid for her training. Lori has found that medical aesthetics is her true calling; she loves being able to have a deeper relationship with her patients and loves to learn.

When hiring a practitioner, Lori advises hiring someone that shares your core values. Within your clinic, Lori tells us about the importance of empowering individuals and to appreciate the work they do. Money shouldn’t be the motivation! I mean, wow.

Lori talks about the biggest hurdle in her career and how she views it as a teaching moment. She believes that everything happens for a reason and that she has learned something valuable from every experience. Lori and Kaeli then discuss the future of The Aesthetic Immersion learning platform and the one-on-one training her program offers.

I absolutely LOVED this interview with Lori so had to revisit this throwback as a Fierce Women in Aesthetics Encore.  Enjoy!


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