Episode 60: Reflections: Why Going “All In” Is a Core Value of Mine

It’s time for another ‘Reflections’ episode, these are episodes where I take a look back at the past 15 episodes and sort of freestyle what’s on my mind.

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And today I am thinking about the powerful work I get to do as a business coach to unravel and expose both limiting and accelerating beliefs that we have as individuals that ultimately drive our behavior and become frameworks for the way we make decisions in our businesses (and lives).

I started to think about why I feel so strongly about contrarian leadership and I pulled my trusty journal out and without a second thought, a story from my childhood came up.  So I decided to share that story with you in this reflections episode and use this experience as a means to share my philosophy around going “all-in” which is a core value of mine.

Listen in to this very personal episode 60: Why “all-in” is a core value of mine

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