Episode 54: You’ll Never Be “In Demand” Until You Do This

I have yet to meet a business owner who isn’t looking to grow “demand” for their services in some way shape or form.  Either they are looking for a healthier flow of patients through their practice or they are looking for ways to attract higher-value clients who will eagerly pay top dollar, upsell, cross-sell, and refer other patients.

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You know that stage of business where you have a waiting list 3 months out, the patients on your schedule are dream clients, they don’t bat an eye about your fees and they show up with a grin ear to ear because they are just happy to be around you and appreciate the work you do?

We have an academy full of clients who are in this position and are rebounding into record 2021’s.  So in this episode I share my insights into what makes a business or a provider so well known, well-respected, and so in-demand that they are turning away (or delegating) business that seems to passively comes to them and what our top academy clients have done to position themselves as the obvious choice for their customers.

By the way, if you are operating like a one woman show because “no one can do it like you”, it may be time to put some systems in place that will attract high end team members and cultivate a kick ass company that provides leverage for you to scale your business to its next level.  If this sounds familiar, be sure to jump into my upcoming Masterclass “Cracking the Hiring Code” next Tuesday May 11th at 4pm PT.

We will have a refreshing conversation around hiring and culture curation in 2021.  Maybe you have PTSD, plain fear around making poor hiring decisions, or you’re frustrated with poor performance.  This will be a virtual masterclass & workshop hybrid event with limited attendance so I will answer every question live.  We also have a 2021 strategic business planner for all attendees who join live. Per usual, there will be no replays- this is all about your elevated experience, not another youtube training video.

You can head to klcconsultants.com/masterclass or link up in the show notes to get on the waitlist.

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